The research programme of the AP4ISR team is tightly connected to the collaboration between the ISR and the University of Coimbra. Thus, the numerous educational activities of the team include doctoral, master and undergraduate programmes. Additionally, besides its educational programmes, the AP4ISR team has several ongoing general research programmes.

The AP4ISR team's research areas and related topics have been a subject of study across the years. Current areas of research are presented below:

Multisensor Fusion and Multirobot Systems for 3D Reconstruction

Visual Navigation and Tracking for Human-Machine Interaction


Bayesian Multimodal Perception

Mobile Robot Sensing


Human-Machine Interfaces

Multi-sensor Multi-modal perception


Human Motion Modelling

Autonomous Robotic Manipulation


Body Motion-based Human Behaviour Understanding

Multi-sensor 3D Data Registration


Human and Robotic Dexterous Manipulation

Augmented Reality


ICT for Mobility Systems Integration

Cooperative Robotics


Autonomous Mobile Robotics

ICT for Health Care Systems


International Cooperation and Networking

Assistive Robotics to Promote Active and Healthy Aging